Which did you think I meant? If it was ‘F*ck’ then that’s just normal, isn’t it? But if it was ‘F*minism’ then how come you associate ‘The F Word’ -that traditionally stands for F*ck- with Feminism. It’s just got a bad rep! Can we all just get over the word and remember the cause, please?

I do agree that some feminist activists have taken their cause a bit too far but because it is called Feminism that has now turned the idea sour in so many people’s mind.

Recently people have called for calling it Equalism, I’m on board with that. But why do we need a new word for it? It’s the same thing!

Fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself.

I recently had a really interesting discussion with friends about this and it definitely transpired that many women feel misunderstood in their feminist/equalist aspirations. And my male friends found it hard to call themselves feminists even if they fundamentally agreed with the principle of equal rights, equal pay, equal everything. Because ‘feminism’ sounds like we want to prioritise women’s rights. It’s a technicality, isn’t it? Call it whatever you like, get over that word, don’t let that taint your aspiration for an equal society.