One of the biggest inspirations in my life is my friend Emma who’s kinda got me into the current spout of crafty madness when she  showed me how to crochet in January. Since then I have crocheted so much that my boyfriend asks me after every finished project “Are you back now?” Poor guy. I always say “For now.”

I sort of go through phases. Before crochet it was cross stitch. I have a wonderful collection of cat cross stitches on my wall with the odd Harry Potter quote thrown in. I love cats, you see, I mean who doesn’t? Unfortunately, I’m allergic so I shall never have one (very sad face!). So I obsess over cat videos and cat crafting.


It all started when I was having a sort of shit time with myself. I struggled with anxiety after I finally moved in with my gorgeous boyfriend. We’d tried for so long. And in the end it was so stressful (I guess I made it so) and it overwhelmed me. Either way I had to find back to myself. My counsellor at the time (Lia Roberts, moved to Chester now, lucky North!) recommended to focus on things that ‘get me in the zone’ and make me feel like I’ve achieved something, that make me proud of myself. I turned to crafting.

Cross stitch is so rewarding because you just see your progress so easily. And it’s cheap. You can literally pick up all the things you could need for under £20 and keep going until you’ve got a wall full of frames (see above). Ok, the frames are on top of the £20 but honestly, eBay!

Crochet is even better. All the things you can make – I mean you can make ALL the things. Go on Pinterest and search for ‘crochet’. You’ll never be seen again. Emma showed it to me at a Stitch & Bitch that we started doing after work for all us crafty girls (and boys) at work. I was sitting there with my current cross stitch project (probably a cat) and they all started crochet. I thought “I might as well have a go.”

See I never thought it that interesting before this point. It definitely had that granny feeling to it at the time.

But I just got it. You know when you start something entirely new and it just clicks. Some of the girls just couldn’t wrap their brains around how to even do a chain. Honestly, everyone has got their thing. Crochet was mine from that day forward.

And then the sewing. My famous friend Emma came into work wearing this wonderful top. As usual I say “Wow, that’s lovely!” She replies: “I made it. It’s dead easy! It’s just a rectangle. I show you how to make it.” We went fabric shopping and I cut all the pieces and then we tried to find a time to meet and sew this thing. We’re busy people, it didn’t happen for a while but I was itching to do it so much! In the end she gave me one of hers and I ended up finally buying a sewing machine: the Janome 3300. What a brilliant piece of equipment. I’ve sewn with other people’s machines before but there was always a little nag or something that could’ve been improved. Well, this is a brand-new machine and it’s just sooo smooth.

This is the first top I ever made and I shall tell you how I did it in my first ever post.


This is my story so far. Join me on what’s coming next?