This year at the Brighton Festival I went to see the show Every Brilliant Thing. It was amazing! Brilliant even!

The story is about a guy who, trying to deal with his mother’s depression, starts a list of every brilliant thing in the world. He tried to leave them non-materialistic. It starts like this:

  1. Ice cream
  2. Water fights
  3. Things with stripes
  4. Christopher Walken’s voice
  5. Rollercoasters

(This is the entry I got to read out loud, nr 777,777:)


and it goes on and on and on, the list encompasses nearly 1 million brilliant things! I really recommend you go and see it if it comes to ‘a town near you’ 🙂 It’s wonderfully uplifting and makes you wanna start a list yourself!

And that’s exactly what I did…. I reckon I’ll work on it in the future 🙂

  1. a summer breeze in the stifling heat
  2. a good, heart-felt hug
  3. a soft, sweet white wine
  4. the world/ universe of Harry Potter
  5. starting a new book on a summer’s day in the park
  6. sweet popcorn
  7. fairy lights
  8. the beginning of a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. marathon (and the rest of course but that’s just too big of a concept to handle right now)
  9. artificial flowers (because I hate seeing real ones die)
  10. anything cat-related (really, anything)
  11. spontaneous afternoons off work
  12. sunshine
  13. the smell of freshly baked anything, especially bread
  14. the colour of green in spring and summer
  15. crafting (of course)
  16. 99 cone of ice cream
  17. new technology
  18. a good conversation that covers everything and anything
  19. having a few close friends, not a lot of acquaintances
  20. lamb (sorry to the veggies out there)
  21. sitting on the sofa watching food programs snuggled into a big duvet (in winter)
  22. good storytelling in movies (e.g. Good Will Hunting)
  23. the smell of parks
  24. the smell of autumn
  25. sitting in the sun with nothing around except a strolling cat
  26. BBQs 

I think I wanna keep this up… It really, really makes you feel great about life. What a beautiful idea and thing to share with people ❤

What would be on your list?