Hello there  –

by now you will know that I like all kinds of wrap (even the kind to eat). I don’t think I ever elaborated much on why… It’s simple, you don’t need to do much shaping in the construction of a top or skirt if you design it to wrap around you. It’s just easier for us sewing novices and you get quick results. Always an added benefit for the impatient amongst us sewing novices.

So, I’ve yet to make a wrap skirt – and I have multiple ideas for this! Unfortunately the summer is drawing to a close and I’ve been a bit broke so not been able to buy as much fabric as I’d like.

Also I’ve got a tiny quilt project coming up as another one of the ladies at work is going to have a baby and who could resist making something tiny for someone tiny?? Also, have you seen this? Must. Make. Immediately.

Nonetheless, I went to a little festival this past weekend – Together the People in Brighton. And there I saw, once again, one of these great tops that has two sort of half circles overlapping at the back… Actually, I can’t describe it. Lovely though, very floaty and festivaly. Anyway, I’d seen this before and thought that must be easy enough to make. (I ALWAYS think this, and it’s never entirely true.) So after the gig I went home and got to working. Sounds crazier than it is, I was back home at 9.30pm.

The idea was to just make a rectangle for the front, two overlapping halves for the back and have everything lined. I still had some plain black cotton but this wasn’t enough material, so I decided to line the back pieces with hot pink cotton I also still had. I love it when your leftovers dictate your project and it turns out so much better for it. The idea was to have the hot pink be visible as lining but not prominent. It turned out differently but, again, better!

I measured the width between my shoulders and checked that this width would also work to cover the front half of my hips. I adjusted the width slightly as I’m pretty pear shaped but it worked well. Apart from making a massive error of judgment regarding the neck (more about that later), I cut out all 3 pieces like this with a 1cm seam allowance around each piece:

FullSizeRender (2)

I then proceeded to stitch along the pieces ‘right’ sides facing (both plain cotton, so doesn’t matter really) as so (red):

FullSizeRender (1)

I turned the pieces inside out, pressed and top stitched over the same places with contrasting top thread (pink top thread on the black, black bottom thread on the pink). I then stitched the back pieces to the front right sides facing at 1cm seam allowance, but only up to the arm pits (orange).


This is when I realised I made an error with one of the back pieces, I made two identical ones but of course I should’ve made one the mirror image of the other. This way it turned out I would have the back pieces showing different colours – one black and one pink. I stitched so that the pink would be overlapped by the black so that it looked more like it was meant to be peaking out from under the black piece.

I then intended to finish the neck with bias binding as it solved a big issue about how to go about this. I applied bias binding to a very short V-neck I’d cut out (11cm from the centre point, 7cm down the front), then stitched the shoulder seams. After doing so, I realised there was no way I could get my head through the intended hole. So the seam ripper came out and I undid the shoulder seam, folded the bias binding over (does this make it trias binding? ;)) and restitched the shoulder seams about 5cm from the outside in.

After this, I put on the top and saw that the shoulders were really sticky-outy (of course, I’m not a rectangle, I’m a pear). I pinned them so that they’d sit more snuggly to my shoulders and stitched them in place.

In hindsight I should’ve thought a bit more about the quality of finish on the top and shaping (the inside seams are pretty rough/raw and the shoulder seams aren’t made well) but by the time it was complete it was past midnight and I just wanted to go to bed… Should I make this again I would attempt adding the circle neck line from the initial wrap tops (because it always works and is pretty), make it longer and maybe even in a more stretchy fabric to achieve the floaty, festivaly look.

Anyway, this is what it looks like:


Any tips for my next attempt at this?

Cu soon xoxo