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XMAS // Embroidery Hoop Designs

Hello there,
So last weekend I spent coming up with some (mainly) wintery designs for little 4in embroidery hoops. The idea is to gift them as ornaments for Christmas trees or walls.
This is what I’ve come up with so far:



Now I’ve got to think about colours and textures and making everything festive and cute 🙂

What are you all preparing for Christmas?

Cu soon xoxo

Embroidery // My first ever piece.

Hi all,

I recently went to a brilliant little workshop run by Emma from Harper & Finch and she showed us all basic embroidery stitches. Needless (it’s got ‘needle’ in it!) to say that I got hooked! I’m actually pretty broke right now and can’t afford to buy new fabrics for sewing, so this is the perfect obsession in the meantime. I’ve got all the fabrics and threads I could ever want already from when I was hooked on cross stitch…

I went home after the workshop and found this lovely image online which was just so fitting. I had to stitch it.

Because I get bored easily I tried some satin stitch for one of the roses and a chain stitch for some of the thicker lines. In hindsight, I should’ve used more strands of the thread to cover the pinkish iron on marks better (I used 2 strands). My thinking was that the design was quite intricate at times and I wanted to be able to show more detail… Maybe the marks will ‘wear off’ over time or get bleached by the sun but I’ve almost grown to like them. After all, this is my first attempt and I’ll love it just for that 🙂

So I embroidered it (sounds so grown up!) – and this is what it looks like:


IMG_9908(#showusyourbackside 😉 #messybuthey)

When I can muster some courage I might try and fill in the scissors with water colour to make them more visible. But that’s for another time.

In the meantime I HAD to embroider something on the beautiful Liberty fabric from my cushion post. Could you resist?



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