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XMAS // Alternative Tree

Hi there,

today I wanted to share with you what I did for an advent calendar last year. You see, I live in a tiny cosy flat with my dearest musician boyfriend with hundreds quite a few instruments so we haven’t got much room at all. So to decorate, we have to go vertical.

I had seen something done with Instagram pictures before and thought that could work well… I got some tiny clothes pegs and some string, and ordered prints of my 25 favourite pictures of us. When they arrived I tried to work out a nice order to reveal them in and wrote the numbers 1 to 25 on the back of the prints. (You can see where this is going…)

I then put some nails in the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree and attached the string to the nails. I then distributed the pictures with the number facing me along the string using the little pegs. I also put some pieces of candy later on as I realised that there is really no point to an advent calendar without candy! I got the little Celebrations ones and they worked brilliantly with the pegs.

So we got an advent calendar AND Christmas tree in one!

Here is a picture of it (before candy made it onto it):


Cu soon


XMAS // Origami Gift Box

Hello again,

So after I had made approximately 20 paper snowflakes and stars (my partner can attest to that) I thought it would be nice to make my own gift boxes for a couple of smaller gifts I gave I came across hudnreds of lovely origami tutorials online made up of all these decorative papers. As I had all that A4 white copy paper I thought I’d just use that because I wanted the folded details to stand out and also to keep in in line with the snowy Christmas theme.

Here are a few nice tutorials I found:

Unfortunately, I just can’t find the one I followed last year but this is the result. I think it was very similar to the 2nd link above:


I hope you’re enjoying the Christmas build up as much as I am.

Cu soon x

Brighton Etsy Craft Purrrty

So this happened on 04/06! What a genius idea, I couldn’t contain myself when I read it in the May issue of Mollie Makes. A party for crafters to craft with wine and cupcakes! Apparently this happens every year. I prepared by doing some paper weaving (it’s so fiddly but could do a post if you want?):


Then at the party I did some paper cutting with the lovely Fleur de Carotte. It didn’t go so well so I didn’t take a picture… Go and check out her blog though there might be a tutorial somewhere for this. If not you can ask her very nicely to make one 😉


But at another table with LadybirdIikes I was totally in my element and I made this foxy paper fox: 11312784_10206886057016895_5601370738702947778_o And then I got to meet my hero Toby from I Like Cats and got this awesome poster. I think I freaked him out a bit with my “Oh my god, that’s Toby from I Like Cats!”. Ah well. 11147181_10206885931693762_5674072287184529918_n All in all a pretty great evening! Looking forward to the next one…

[Featured image ‘Craft Party’ from here.]

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