Today I thought I’d do something different.

One of my motivations for all of this crafty madness is to find back to myself. I used to do a lot of collaging and things and somehow just drifted away from it. A job with stupid work hours, an ex who wasn’t really into it (that’s why he’s an ex) and I guess lack of inspiration made me lose sight of my inner crafter.

Luckily I found her and here we are.

A while back I was looking for an alternative for GlossyBox because I can’t use many types of make-up because I get allergic reactions so I came across My Little Box. It’s a French company that do little boxes (as the title says) with French goodies. And I got some lovely stuff including a fabric phone case, stamp, T-shirt and a few nice make-up bits and bobs. I cancelled in the end because it just seemed so indulgent to spend £15 every month… but it was nice while it lasted. Honestly, the best part for me was the box each time. They’re so useful around the house! Especially if you’ve gotta pack away crafty things.

Once the box came with some feel-good quotes written on little pieces of paper you had to unroll. And one just stuck with me:

“Be yourself and you’ll always be who you want to be.”

be you.tiful

It encompassed everything I thought was true in one simple statement. If you accept yourself there is no trying to fit in and all the effort that comes with it, no wiggling to squeeze in that little niche – you make your own niche. You are the niche. Be proud of the niche!

I found my niche when I started at my current job and met the most wonderful crafters and non-crafters at the same time. The best of both worlds. We ended up starting a Stitch & Bitch after work which has turned into a platform for sharing, inspiring, complimenting, just fostering that inner craft goddess (sorry guys, there’s only girls so far but we don’t discriminate!). This dialogue between all of us has really shown that we’re all so different yet we love that one thing that unites us and therefore we bonded anyway.

And after all who you are defines who you attract. And if you feel misunderstood or lonely you haven’t met the right people. And if that’s the case then go out there and do just that. Crafty people are always creative people, and often creative people don’t see eye-to-eye with the non-creative bunch. But you know what, that’s fine! There is SO MANY crafters out there right now, just find a local group or start one yourself! It’s the weekend!