Hello – nice to see you (again)!

This week I’ve tried to write as least as possible, ha. Just an experiment, let me know if it works. Most of the techniques used are the same as for the previous wrap tops, although there is a third way of doing the bow – exciting! It’s the way my friend Emma does it and its pretty good so be sure to at least check that out at the bottom.

Once again the basic pattern for the wrap top:

wrap top pattern 2

I’ve gotta say this version has given me the most grief so far – the cats were so hard to match on the bow and my second fabric was so thick and shiny and wiggly and kinda damp when I worked with it… Bit of a weird one BUT I think it came out alright.

I had to make a front and back piece so that my kitties weren’t upside down on the back so this tutorial shows in more detail of what I’ve mentioned in previous wrap top posts. If you’ve got a more simple fabric (well done you!) then just adapt the steps accordingly.

First of all, cut out your fabric as [width] by [length] – be careful about pinning the right sides together if you have a front or back piece (more info here).

And off you go………. (Pin the shoulder seams right sides facing.)

2015-06-26 20.00.23

draw a half circle (mine is 22cm diameter again) on one piece of the fabric and a sort of oval shape half-way down the back like this:


2015-06-26 20.12.10 2015-06-26 20.12.282015-06-26 20.14.23 2015-06-26 20.16.46

sew the shoulder seams together only:

2015-06-26 20.18.20 2015-06-26 20.23.38

2015-06-26 20.29.55

(fabrics are right sides facing)

2015-06-26 20.31.22 2015-06-26 20.34.04IMG_8940 Image2015-06-26 20.51.352015-06-26 20.57.54

2015-06-26 20.59.26

pin and sew your bias binding on each side:

Image (2) 2015-06-26 21.14.00

sew the ribbon on each side:

2015-06-26 21.30.30 IMG_89532015-06-26 21.37.36 2015-06-26 21.50.52

2015-06-26 21.56.44

bow – cut two strips (hopefully you haven’t gotta pattern match madly like I did but if you do this is how I do it – please let me know if there’s an easier way…):

IMG_8957 IMG_8958

(sew on the blue line)

Now the new way of turning the bow – with your strips of fabric pinned together the right sides facing, sew along the dotted lines (diagram is not proportional):

FullSizeRender (1)

IMG_8959 IMG_8960IMG_8961 IMG_8962


then turn middle (open) part into bias binding by turning the fabric towards the inside…

cut the overhanging bias binding and fabric:


so that you can wiggle the bottom hem of the back into the bow:

2015-06-26 23.09.57 2015-06-26 23.15.40IMG_8968

And that’s it – you’ve made it. Well done for sticking with it (and me)!

Any questions?? 😀

So one iron burn, several breakdowns and one Pisco Sour later – this is what I’ve got:

And the reverse side:

I’d love to see some of your creations if you get around to making one of your own. Please feel free to alter the pattern and be creative with it. I’ll keep posting my own alternatives on here.

Let me know how you’re getting on!

If it’s all a bit tricky after all (despite me telling you it’s easy – I’m sorry I don’t want to make you feel bad!) you can have a look at this lovely website by my friend Janice who offers a Wrap Top workshop once in a while. Just go to her classes and see if one is coming up.

Cu next Friday xx