So this happened on 04/06! What a genius idea, I couldn’t contain myself when I read it in the May issue of Mollie Makes. A party for crafters to craft with wine and cupcakes! Apparently this happens every year. I prepared by doing some paper weaving (it’s so fiddly but could do a post if you want?):


Then at the party I did some paper cutting with the lovely Fleur de Carotte. It didn’t go so well so I didn’t take a picture… Go and check out her blog though there might be a tutorial somewhere for this. If not you can ask her very nicely to make one 😉


But at another table with LadybirdIikes I was totally in my element and I made this foxy paper fox: 11312784_10206886057016895_5601370738702947778_o And then I got to meet my hero Toby from I Like Cats and got this awesome poster. I think I freaked him out a bit with my “Oh my god, that’s Toby from I Like Cats!”. Ah well. 11147181_10206885931693762_5674072287184529918_n All in all a pretty great evening! Looking forward to the next one…

[Featured image ‘Craft Party’ from here.]