Hello there –

this week I just wanted to let you know that this whole embroidery adventure has taken me to individually embroider canvas tote bags for friends.

The first one I embroidered by hand was a geometric fox design with a triangle bordure detail on a mint green background. I also lined the bag with black cotton to bring out the colour a bit more and so that keys or else don’t get caught on the inside of the embroidery as it’s much more fragile than the wrong side of machine embroidery. I also added a little inner pocket. I really just wanted to keep it for myself but as I’d promised it to my friend…. 🙂

FullSizeRender  IMG_0022

I am now working on a night sky themed bag which will be in my shop soon. I’ve really always loved nights, everything sort of calms down and ragged edges are smoothed over. I love the starry sky and the endless possibilities it brings with it. I love feeling like the universe is too big for us to be alone, like I heard in a movie once. AND I’ve always loved Orion, the cat, from Men in Black and his mysterious necklace. So this bag is inspired by that 🙂 (I’ve gotta watch that movie again <3)


I also have a commission from a friend in Berlin (yay) who I will embroider a geometric bird onto a natural canvas bag for. I’m really excited about this one because I feel like I might go a bit artistic on this one. Let’s see what it turns out like and whether I have to do another one because she might not like it 😀 Anyway, I’m loving this new obsession of mine. It’s (again) so versatile – and the possibilities are endless…. Sigh.


Cu next Friday xoxo