Hello (again),

Remember when I said I’d look into more days off for crafters? I went to my manager and asked for exactly that. In essence I’m hopefully going to go part-time from November. Argh, so exhilarating and daunting at the same time!

I’m only going to do 3 days less a month and take a little pay cut but oh my gosh am I excited about this! 40 whole days off a year to craft! That will give me time and energy to take my little shop on Etsy a bit further. Uuuhh, stay tuned…

And here is some beautiful pictures of the things (I imagine) I’m gonna do with my free time:


(found here…somewhere)


(38 pictures that will make you want to travel the world found here)


(found here but also go here to read a lovely article about reading, ha, the irony)


(found here)

As always – the possibilities are endless 😉

Have a lovely week xx