Hello there,

I recently had the brilliant chance to attend a workshop with the lovely Janice Collier who showed us how to sew the beautiful Walkaway Wrap Dress from The Sewing Bee. Literally millions of you have already written about this so I only wanted to show you how mine came out.

There are a couple of notes I’d like to make…

  • Definitely use the broader bias binding instead of the slim kind they ask you to buy. It’s quite fiddly around the neck at least and you’ll thank yourself for buying the broader kind.
  • Don’t forget to let the dress hang for at least 24 hours after sewing on the bias binding and before hemming the dress. (it does say so in the pattern but being excited as we normally are we might skip over this part…) This step settles the bias into the right place.

Here it is: IMG_9823
And here are some details from it:

IMG_9335  IMG_9821IMG_9822