Most of us have a crazy hectic lifestyle compared to 10 years ago. Constantly being ‘plugged into’ technology, chasing to catch up with the ever-lasting being bombarded by emails (personal or work-related), always feeling that we’re late for something, anything, everything, rushing to get there.

Get where?

When I was working on finding back to myself, getting more into crafting, I realised that ‘there’ was neither here nor ‘there’. We all know what ‘there’ is for each of us, maybe a place where we can afford that all-inclusive-holiday next year, maybe it’s somewhere we won’t smoke anymore or a place where you’ve become irreplaceable at work. But that place is a sort of construct of our mind, isn’t it? Because even if we reach our goal, there will always be something else that’ll make us “happier” or “more fulfilled”. Maybe next time it’s that newest smartphone, or the nice car or the full-body skirt or [insert your thing here] (bad consumerism, bad). We never arrive ‘there’, and therefore we will never be “happier” or “more fulfilled”, we’ll keep chasing after ‘it’. I’m really bad for doing that. And I’d rather not, really.

So crafting has become a way of trying to go back to basics for me. Learn new skills, zone into the old-fashioned way of doing things, unplugging from the constant noise a little bit. (I still have an office job, staring at a screen all day, so no thank you to TV. Let’s get the books out or craft with an audio book on – they are the best!)

Getting this office job was such a relief financially. From student to 18k+ felt like hitting the jackpot and I started ‘treating myself’, I still do this now and I’d like to stop! I’d like to save some money (for a house, for a holiday, for an unexpected bill?) but I keep thinking I’m not saving for anything tangible. What’s the point in saving if you can’t see what for? I enjoy spending the money I work for, you know, the money I drag myself out of bed for every morning (I’m not a morning person). I have a few friends who are just not into that kind of materialism, and I must admit I envy them for being able to not give in to that/ live without the urge to buy, buy, buy.

In a way crafting hasn’t helped with THAT at all, because of the supplies and pretty fabrics and gadgety tools you can buy to make your life ‘easier’…

OK, what am I trying to say? This went off course a little bit.

I’m trying to get over this materialistic habit because I KNOW that ‘stuff’ isn’t going to be the thing that makes me “happier” or “more fulfilled”. I’m striving to achieve a good balance in life, a good level of going with the (technological) flow while trying to unplug in the right situations, a healthy relationship with my (fleeting) money, slowly. It’s a process, ok??

Any tips here? I could use some help :S xx