Hello (again),

Cushion covers are so dead easy to make which is why this is more of a Monday inspiration post…

I found this gorgeous Liberty fabric on Etsy. I initially wanted to make another wrap top from it (of course) but when it arrived I realised it was more of an upholstery fabric. I was kind of disappointed, imagine the amazing top it would’ve made! Upon seeing the fabric a friend of mine only uttered these words: “Uh I feel some cushions coming on…”

And yes, why not! Brilliant idea! I never thought I’d be excited about making cushion covers but this fabric… ❤

So this is the result:


You will need:

  • 1m of fabric (for 2)
  • a cushion/pillow
  • (that’s it, no zip needed)

And this is HOW YOU * Craft It Yourself * 

  • Measure the cushion you want to cover. I have square cushions but you might have rectangle ones so please adapt the steps.
  • For a 45x45cm cushion, I made a 40x40cm cover to fill the cover properly, get a more snuggly result.
  • You’re basically going to cut 3 pieces – 1 for the front, 2 for the back (overlapping).
  • For a 40x40cm cover, I cut a 42x42cm front piece (1cm seam allowance all around), and 2 pieces of 27x42cm. That results in a 5cm overlap at the back.


  • Work out which one of the back pieces you want on top and which one on the bottom. Hem both pieces so that the overlapping sides are hemmed.


  • Lay the 3 pieces on top of each other – front piece right side up, and both back pieces to match the front, wrong sides up.
  • Pin and sew together with a 1cm seam allowance.


  • Turn inside out and stuff in the pillow – \\ THAT’S IT, WELL DONE! //

And this is how it looks on the back:

IMG_9255  IMG_9256

Hope you have a great week!

Cu soon x