Hello (again),

This is the first crochet project I’m showing you, exciting! It was inspired be the lovely Molla Mills, whose book I bought when I first started to crochet. It’s full of great ideas for the modern crocheter. This is not one of her patterns but the pixel idea has come from the book.

Because summer has finally reached us I’ve got a nice beach bag for you. You can make this with a circle base (info at the bottom) or with an oval base which is what I made.

I’d say this pattern is fairly easy to make but I have linked some external how-to content where it might be useful.

All you need is:

  • 2-3 free evenings/ a free Saturday or Sunday
  • 2-3 big balls of t-shirt yarn, or really chunky yarn (optional: 2 of primary colour, 1 of secondary/accent colour)
  • crochet hook, size 10

Terms I use:

And here is how you * Craft It Yourself * … with an oval base

  • (1) Ch as many as you like really. With an oval base you will add width with every row so take that into consideration for your first row.
  • (2) Turn, sc in 2nd st, sc to 2nd to last st, 5 sc into the last st to turn the corner (I know it seems a lot but try to squeeze them in), sc until the 2nd to last st, 5 sc in this as well.
  • (3) Keep doing sc around and around with 2sc in every short-side sc until the desired size of your base.
  • (4) On the next round sc into the back of each sc to turn the sides up (don’t increase stitches on the short side).
  • Keep going with sc a few more rows then count your sc. You need to have a multiple of 2 plus 1 sc in order to continue with the pixel pattern e.g. 61. If you’re one short just do 2 sc in one space, if you’ve got one to many just sc2tog.
  • (Optional: change yarn to a different colour to spice things up.)
  • Ch 4 at the beginning of the first rows of pixels (3 for the first treble, 1 for a space).
  • Skip 1 and tr into the next, *ch1, skip 1 and tr into next, repeat from * until end of row. Sl st into 3rd if the first chain.

Now decide which pixel pattern you want to make. For the size of these pixels, less intricate patterns will work best, e.g. 2×2 squares or diamond shapes. Find out how many pixels you have got in one row and figure out which spacing you’d like between the squares/diamonds. It is likely that you won’t be able to have equal distances between all squares/diamonds so don’t go nuts over trying to figure that out. The best thing to do is to get some maths paper and mark as many squares as you’ve got on your row. Then do some sketching sort of like this:


If you want to do diamonds, I recommend you offset trebles by 1 on each row (when you begin a new row, just sl st to the ch between tr on the below row):

FullSizeRender (4)

For a square pattern you will work like this:

FullSizeRender (5)

From then on just be guided by the previous row, if you’ve done the first row correctly you will get on well with the rest.

  • Work until you’ve got the desired height of the bag
  • (Optional: you could change yarn back to your accent colour again)
  • Work a row of sc to make it easier to work some handles on the top.
  • Work sc to about a sixth of the way, ch a sixth of the way, skip as many spaces, sc until the halfway point, repeat on other side.
  • sc 1 row, stabilising the handles that way.
  • sl st 1 row.
  • Break yarn, fasten off and
  • DO A LITTLE DANCE – Well done you! 🙂

For a round base just do this before step (4) above:

  1. Make a magic ring by wrapping the yarn around 2 index fingers and pulling the yarn through, secure by chaining 2 [numbers 1-4 indicate rows]
  2. Do 12 sc in the magic ring and sl st into the 1st st at the end, ch 2
  3. 2 sc in every one of the sc from the previous row, sl st, ch 2
  4. 2 sc in every second one of the sc from the previous row (sc inbetween 2 sc), sl st, ch 2
  5. As row 3 until you have your desired diameter

Show me how yours came out!

Cu next Friday xx

[Sources: Annie’s Craft Store]